Microscopic Tap Shoe Fossilized in Pre-Cambrian Rock

Field Notes:

Is it possible that the footwear contained in the rock could have belonged to a small someone from a civilization in Earth’s pre pre-history?

Jurassic Riddle

According to  paleontologist Yasmeen Stanislavski, she didn’t just dig up a totally intact dinosaur skeleton.

It was a full Velociraptor, complete with feathers.

And hanging in some sort of contrivance (necklace) around it’s neck, a tennis ball.

Why, Yasmeen asked, would a dinosaur be carrying a tennis ball around – without a racket in sight?

Tempest Inside A Tennis Ball


What could be causing the sound of a storm inside the tennis ball?

Dinosaur Necklace & Tennis Ball

Tennis balls, necklaces and feathers are all commonplace on Earth now. Is it just a coincidence that they all originated on the same dinosaur?

Hidden Treasure

“I believe what everyone calls the king’s burial chamber is nothing but a symbolic resting place.  One that doubled as a decoy for thieves.   I’ve come to the conclusion that the idea was to lure grave robbers and pillagers into the decoy king’s burial chamber with some paltry trinkets, while all the while the king and all his treasure were safely entombed in a sublime, impossible to locate resting spot.”

Archeologist Alexander Van Dijk

Getaway Car?

Who ever heard of a yellow Beetle as a getaway car?

Suspect – Cairo the Dog

Field Notes:

According to the story in the National Enquirer, the dog Cairo, floats. According to his owner Maddy (who found him in the park two weeks ago) he only floats when he forgets not to, like when playing one of their interminable games of fetch.