To everyone who’s helped bring this project to life – Thank you!

Thank you to Jim Shorkey for creating an out-of-this world website and to Brian Steele for hosting it.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our indiegogo campaign:

Minerva Girgis

Laura Girgis

Aliana and Cameron Bessada

Lynn Sinclair

Blair Nagai

Lucy Shenouda

Alexa and Lucie Calenti

Sophia Zacharatos

Marcelle Bessada

Katherine Toksoy

Jennifer Drope

Leila Bessada

Yousry Bissada

Sound and Music Thanks

Thanks to Simon Bowers of Skylight Studios for his outstanding work producing the episodes.

Thanks to The Elwins for contributing two songs to the podcast, Stuck in the Middle & Sittin Pretty

And Kevin MacLeod ( and his incredible selection of online music.