Martin Buote

Martin cropped

Stefan, Lightning, Willy Hornsloff, Jacob Splee, FBI chief, robber in 7/11, Frank Figgledeedee – plus he also directed the whole thing.

Martin has worked in both professional and community theatre for over 30 years. Some of his recent credits include Officer Lockstockin Theatre Aurora’s Urinetown, for which he was awarded a THEA for Best supporting actor in a musical,  Fagin in Oliver! Sparky inForever Plaid and Captain Hook in Peter Pan for Marquee Productions. He appeared as Richard Willy in Out of Order with Blackhorse Village Players and Phil Moss in Norm Fosters’ The Motor Trade and Confessions of a Dirty Blonde as Johnny Torenado .  He was part of the three person ensemble of  The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) for Scarborough Players and Brampton’s Flower City Festival.

He  has also directed several productions including Marquees’ Bye Bye Birdie, BIG! The musicaland has pulled double duty as the Artistic Director and Voice of the plant in Little shop of Horrors and Director and Genie for Marquee Productions Aladdin, and Hairspray

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