Gord Mayer

Ace Galaksi

Gord definitely belongs here. There are little bits of lots of stuff that have been mashed together resulting in Gord. A classically trained percussionist, he has traveled worldwide and played in venues like the Royal Albert Hall in London England. He has recorded in studio for commercials and television, with groups large and small of all styles as well as accompanying vocal and instrumental soloists.

Gord has been an ordained minister, serving as pastor for churches in Western Canada and East Toronto where he has built a reputation as a gifted public speaker. Currently he works for a large well-known charity planning and overseeing their outreach activities to those in need in his community.

He has been married for 21 years and has 3 wonderful kids that he adores along with his wife. But wait, there’s more. He has also trained and served as a High Angle Rescuer and is currently an Auxiliary Sergeant with  a major police force.

Oh, and he writes too… and  leads a teen leadership development group… and now is a voice actor. Did we mention he actually has applied to CSIS? If ever there was someone who has had more than one turn on the dance floor with Destiny, it’s Gord.

Always keen to learn a few new moves, Gord is ‘over the moon’ happy to be here.

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