Erik Blohm-Gagné

Copy aid, Akhenaten Jones, Alexander Van Djik and a motley bunch of other assorted characters

Erik Blohm-Gagné  is an animator, illustrator, voice actor, writer and student who usually does his best to figure out how to use that skill set all together at the same time. He is sometimes moderately successful at striking a balance.

Erik is an inveterate science fiction fan, reading and watching (not to mention creating) as much as he possibly can. He also has a strong fascination with science and engineering, though whether this is due to his interest in SF or the root cause of it is a crapshoot.

This is usually the part where Erik makes a wry allusion to the fact the he is talking about himself in the third person, but under the circumstances, that would be unnecessarily silly. This is clearly a written biography.

 Erik kind of maintains an art blog at


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