Gord Mayer

Ace Galaksi

Gord definitely belongs here. There are little bits of lots of stuff that have been mashed together resulting in Gord. A classically trained percussionist, he has traveled worldwide and played in venues like the Royal Albert Hall in London England. He has recorded in studio for commercials and television, with groups large and small of all styles as well as accompanying vocal and instrumental soloists.

Gord has been an ordained minister, serving as pastor for churches in Western Canada and East Toronto where he has built a reputation as a gifted public speaker. Currently he works for a large well-known charity planning and overseeing their outreach activities to those in need in his community.

He has been married for 21 years and has 3 wonderful kids that he adores along with his wife. But wait, there’s more. He has also trained and served as a High Angle Rescuer and is currently an Auxiliary Sergeant with  a major police force.

Oh, and he writes too… and  leads a teen leadership development group… and now is a voice actor. Did we mention he actually has applied to CSIS? If ever there was someone who has had more than one turn on the dance floor with Destiny, it’s Gord.

Always keen to learn a few new moves, Gord is ‘over the moon’ happy to be here.

Michelle Cote

Editor-in-chief at the Giant Book of Destiny, cashier in the 7/11, a cat, a bored tourist, even more bored special agent Alexa Von Lucie, Grand Duchess of Biggar

Erik Blohm-Gagné

Copy aid, Akhenaten Jones, Alexander Van Djik and a motley bunch of other assorted characters

Erik Blohm-Gagné  is an animator, illustrator, voice actor, writer and student who usually does his best to figure out how to use that skill set all together at the same time. He is sometimes moderately successful at striking a balance.

Erik is an inveterate science fiction fan, reading and watching (not to mention creating) as much as he possibly can. He also has a strong fascination with science and engineering, though whether this is due to his interest in SF or the root cause of it is a crapshoot.

This is usually the part where Erik makes a wry allusion to the fact the he is talking about himself in the third person, but under the circumstances, that would be unnecessarily silly. This is clearly a written biography.

 Erik kind of maintains an art blog at


Elise Blohm-Gagné

Elise Blohm-Gagne

Fact checker Fran, Bashir, Kricket, assorted human, humanoid and non-human characters

Elise Blohm-Gagné recently finished her second year in a Double Honours History and Gender Equality & Social Justice BA program at Nipissing University, making her only three years away from completing her goal of a BA and BEd at the secondary school level. When not enveloped in her books, Elise hangs out with the Students on Stage theatre troupe at her school, and has performed in several of their productions.

In her free time she enjoys reading, writing historical fiction and, of course, developing brand new sticky note colours and systems for Fran’s enjoyment.

JC Pacquet

The Chief, waiter, cabby, number one (Fred)

Graphic Designer and visual artist by trade, this Newmarket boy has been seen both on Stage and Television since the 80′s. An artist is all he wanted to be if he grew up… still working on the “grown up” thing.

A performer at heart with a passion for singing and acting the fool, JC has also worked as Stage Manager, co-Directing many productions as well as Sales and Marketing for a not-for-profit Community Theatre company in Aurora. It’s a life worth living!

For more information and to see samples of JC’s artistry, please visit his website at

Martin Buote

Martin cropped

Stefan, Lightning, Willy Hornsloff, Jacob Splee, FBI chief, robber in 7/11, Frank Figgledeedee – plus he also directed the whole thing.

Martin has worked in both professional and community theatre for over 30 years. Some of his recent credits include Officer Lockstockin Theatre Aurora’s Urinetown, for which he was awarded a THEA for Best supporting actor in a musical,  Fagin in Oliver! Sparky inForever Plaid and Captain Hook in Peter Pan for Marquee Productions. He appeared as Richard Willy in Out of Order with Blackhorse Village Players and Phil Moss in Norm Fosters’ The Motor Trade and Confessions of a Dirty Blonde as Johnny Torenado .  He was part of the three person ensemble of  The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) for Scarborough Players and Brampton’s Flower City Festival.

He  has also directed several productions including Marquees’ Bye Bye Birdie, BIG! The musicaland has pulled double duty as the Artistic Director and Voice of the plant in Little shop of Horrors and Director and Genie for Marquee Productions Aladdin, and Hairspray

Will Patton

Stan, Tony Slizingtorn, Steven, Captain Jean-Jacques, Pharaoh

Will Patton is a 21 year old student at Carleton University. He has a love of the arts and relishes the opportunity to take part in them while simultaneously acting ridiculously.

In his spare time William enjoys playing guitar and stroking his beard. William often saunters through town dressed as a medieval viking jarl, seeking a fit crew to cast havoc back into the hearts of urbanites everywhere.

Maissa Bessada

Yasmeen Stanislavski

Several years ago Maissa co-wrote and performed Power Steering 101 in the Fringe Theatre Festival in Toronto and Kingston. She also co-wrote and performed in KISSMA: The Search For Diana, a full-length motion picture that was showcased in the Toronto and Montreal Film Festivals and distributed throughout the Middle East.

While living in Egypt she helped create, workshop and produce an improv comedy show for ART (Arab Radio and Television Network), the pilot of which was picked up for five 60-minute episodes. Currently she writes, produces and voices corporate videos for an assortment of clients.

In 2010/2011 Maissa wrote and performed in two play adaptations; Pandora’s Box and How The Raven Stole the Sun for the Pandora’s Box Salon in Aurora, Ontario. She’s also written a couple of novels that are eagerly anticipating their emergence into the world at large.

Madeleine Patton


Karen Footglome, Maddy

Madeleine Patton is currently enrolled in the Screenwriting program at York University.

Five years ago she began, Doesn’t Have To Make Sense Productions, You Tube Channel – Tribbleofdoom.

24,000 subscribers, over 9,000,000 views – and counting

Cindy Hirschberg – Schon

Assorted characters including KGB agent, Mary Aarse, mother of a heretic…

Cindy is excited to be involved in acting and performing again after years of absence from the theatre.

Cindy attended the Theatre Program at Humber College and later Fashion Design at the International Academy. Cindy has worked in the fashion industry for 20+ years and has had the pleasure of working with some of Canada’s top designers. She is also a wife and mother to two wonderful children and is lucky to have her husband and children’s support and encouragement in all of her creative endeavors.

Cindy is thrilled and excited to be involved with Ace Galaksi. She has always felt thankful that the Great Book of Destiny has helped her see the true path of her life.  And always remember that even the smallest of discoveries can lead to big results.

Liisa Kallasmaa-Davis

Stella Schwartz, Sue Slizzingtorn, Jenny, square dance caller, Mary Haard, Phoenix, Eduardo

Liisa Kallasmaa-Davis has been performing in theatre for 10 years, and is extremely excited to be making her voice-acting debut in The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi thanks to Maissa, and her amazing castmates. Her theatre credits include Smee in Peter Pan, Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, and Jellylorum in CATS all with the Unionville Theatre Company, and she will be portraying Annas in Markham Youth Theatre’s 2012 production of Jesus Christ Superstar this fall. She is also a graduate of Humber College’s Theatre Production Program.

Liisa has been listening to Radio Shows and Audio Books since she was young, and researched Foley for Radio Dramas while in College so she loves many different fields of the genre. She was first introduced to “SciFi Audio Drama”, when she heard Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World done by Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie (both from television’s Star Trek), and their company “Alien Voices”.

She believes Audio Dramatizations are an important link between reading a book, and watching films/television: “It is a creative and exciting medium where you are being told the story, but your imagination is still free and encouraged to create the world that you are listening to. It is also a challenge for actors having to create characters using only their voice; it allows them to stretch themselves.”